About Jochem Verdonk

Jochem Verdonk (1974) is a passionate man, with a particular interest in communication. In all its forms. All humans have a natural need for contact. Thanks to communication you get to know other people, you discover the world and you are able to develop as a person.

In addition, Jochem has a nose for "white gaps": things that are needed, but are not available yet. Full of energy, he is committed to an appropriate answer to the question. With his enthusiasm and vision he involves others in his projects. In this way, Jochem has been the source of many new initiatives.


Before Studio Verdonk Jochem has worked for various employers. He has been a consultant, office employee, policy officer and project leader. For years he has been doing volunteer work, both executive and administrative.

A selection of his activities:

  • Fourteen years of experience with various advocacy groups for transgender people, where I learned that empowerment starts with knowledge.
  • Six years of consulting at an information center, where I learned that educating is an art.
  • Twelve years of experience with various advocacy groups for deaf and hard of hearing people, where I learned that language is a tool.
  • Nine years of study biology, where I learned that nature -just like to Lady Justice does not discriminate.