Organisation advice

A healthy organisation has well regulated a number of important issues, f.e. bylaws and a job description for board members. In this way everyone knows where they stand: board members, staff and/or volunteers know what is expected from whom. And also your members or customers know that they can count on.

Our expertise

Studio Verdonk has extensive experience in setting up and (re)structuring of organisations, particularly small-scale (volunteer) organisations.

We can provide advice and guidance in a longer process, wherein you come to the desired product yourself.

Studio Verdonk may include supporting you with:

  • Mission, vision and objectives of your organisation
  • (Term) policy and/or annual planning
  • Volunteer policy and/or deployment of volunteers
  • Job description board and/or volunteers
  • Relation paid staff and volunteers
  • Bylaws


Studio Verdonk provides affordable and professional organisation advices. Our hourly rate is around € 65 (including 21% VAT), depending on the specific assignment.

More info?

Do you want to know more? Please make an appointment for an exploratory meeting. In this meeting you can tell more about your wishes, and we can tell what we can do for you. This meeting is non-committal and at no cost.