Signing courses

People talk. Yet sometimes signing is a better form of communication. This applies not only for deaf or hard of hearing people, but also for people who are going out or working in a noisy environment. Signing sometimes is an ideal solution: now the other person can see what you say.

Our expertise

Studio Verdonk provides courses Sign Supported Dutch (Nederlands met Gebaren, NmG). This means you speak Dutch and you learn to "subtitle" yourself with signs. So, in NmG can express everything you can in Dutch as well.

Sign Supported Dutch is not the same as Dutch Sign Language (Nederlandse Gebarentaal, NGT). Dutch Sign Language is a language with its own vocabulary, own word order and own expressions. (Most) people who are born deaf, use NGT.

Studio Verdonk may include providing:

  • Sign Supported Dutch, Module 1
  • Sign Supported Dutch, module 2
  • Sign Supported Dutch, conversational skills
  • Sign Supported Dutch, theme courses
  • Sign Supported Dutch, customised courses

Our starting point always is: you can't communicate alone. So, do bring people around you along to the course, otherwise you will have no one to "talk" to!

For whom?

A signing course is useful for anyone who can't hear or talk (well), even if this is temporary:

  • People who are, or are becoming, deaf or hard of hearing.
  • People who have speech difficulties.
  • People with a disorder in the autistic spectrum (nerve diversity).
  • People with a mental challenge.
  • People who work in a noisy workplace.
  • People who want to be able to communicate in the disco too.


Studio Verdonk provides affordable and professional signing courses. Our hourly rate is around € 65 (including 21% VAT), depending on the specific assignment.

More info?

Do you want to know more? Please make an appointment for an exploratory meeting. In this meeting you can tell more about your wishes, and we can tell what we can do for you. This meeting is non-committal and at no cost.

In portfolio you will find some examples of signing courses provided by Studio Verdonk.