A good text is clear, concrete and not longer than necessary. In addition, the text is aligned with your target audience. Carefully selected images support your message visually.

Our expertise

Studio Verdonk specialises in composing (informational) texts. We pay attention to what you want to tell and how you can do this best. We have a feel for the determination of the essence in a multitude of information.

We have experience with different types of texts, such as leaflets, brochures, articles and/or web texts.

Studio Verdonk may include providing:

  • Developing ideas for texts
  • Advice and/or editing of texts
  • Writing and/or composing texts
  • Advice on appropriate images


Studio Verdonk provides affordable and professional texts. Our hourly rate is around € 65 (including 21% VAT), depending on the specific assignment.

More info?

More info?

Do you want to know more? Please make an appointment for an exploratory meeting. In this meeting you can tell more about your wishes, and we can tell what we can do for you. This meeting is non-committal and at no cost.

In portfolio you will find some examples of texts created by Studio Verdonk.